The Everex Cloudbook?

9 01 2008

hmm… It looks like my ASUS EeePC has some… competition starting this January 25th, with the Everex Cloudbook reaching walmart and all.

I was looking at their $200 greenPCs, and was quite tempted to buy one. So we’ll see how this one holds up against my EeePC.

First Thoughts: It’s quite similar to the EeePC with 4 notable major differences.

-Operating system is gOS linux instead of the ASUS EeePC Easy Mode linux

-Hard Drive Space is 30GBs, instead of EeePC’s 4GBs T_T

-There is a Cloudbookgap, between the monitor and the computer.

– Processor is a VIA 1.2Ghz instead of a 900Mhz Intel Celeron downclocked to around 700Mhz

-Battery life speculated to last between 4-5 hours (as opposed to 2.8-3.5)

Judging from the above…. maybe I should’ve waited for one of those instead, even though it looks funky compared to the EeePC. Seeing as though, more anime can be stored on a 30GB HD. That thing looks like it has little or no speakers though. But… it costs the same as the 4G EeePC model with the same specs but the above differences. But at this rate, there’s probably gonna be new and better models coming out and improving on the EeePC’s faults. This one covers most of them.




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28 07 2008
cloudbook at $299 walmart « Traversian Comlog

[…] at $299 walmart 28 07 2008 I might just get a cloudbook. My parents gave away my EeePC to some relatives over in Thailand…. along with my Windows XP […]

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