They are my noble masters

12 01 2008

They are my Noble Masters

So, yeah, this is gonna be my second butler anime. The first one (Hayate no Gotoku) lost its way (and is 52 episodes), So I had to drop that. Speaking of Hayate no Gotoku there was a parody.

Hayate no Gotoku parody in TaMNM

So, yeah, it looks like the anime’s gonna hold up, seeing that there’s not too many episodes, which probably it won’t descend the road of decline that Hayate no Gotoku went through.

First Impressions:

– Doesn’t look like i has a plot just yet.

– Lots of fanservice.

– Errm, I find the marks on the main character’s face annoying to me, for some reason, they should totally take those out.

-Just one episodes so far, and most of the maid/butlers have been introduced.

Yeah, so it looks like it is going to do just fine. To bad, though, that it doesn’t broadcast in HD.




One response

12 01 2008

Lol, I still can`t shake that feeling that i`m watching hayate no gotoku

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