Status Report: January 19, 2008

19 01 2008

Today… was a fairly awesome day (except for the fact that I didn’t get to watch too many anime (yet))

Right when I had woken up, I had washed my face and then sat lied down to watch a refreshing/calming/soothing episode of ARIA the natural, which I really need to finish before the origination can start.

Alright, this morning, I got to go eat at “Panera Bread”, and their asiago cheese bagel is 2 die 4. I also, ordered a caramel latte, which was “oh so good” (pun on also). Kinda pricey, but WAAY cheaper than that old Starbucks,ith more breads and pastry instead of more colors of coffee. But sadly, the Starbucks down the corner had more customers, even though the place was far smaller, less fancy, and more expensive. I kinda wanted a baguette, but they didn’t have any so, I ended up bring a blueberry bagel with raspberry cream cheese home, instead.

Afternoon, I went and duked it out on Melty Blood with one of my friends. He played as neros chaos (only), the one other character I normally have trouble beating. So, I didn’t get him all of the rounds, I had my usual characters play against him, but in a couple of rounds when I unleashed Tohno Shiki, Akiha Vermillion, Arcueid Brunst on him, I had him beat, but on the other times, it was kinda hard (yes, even with my all time favorite Sion(s)). I kinda wish I tested the ultra-cheap Kohaku on him though, after that we kinda played metal slug 3 and 5 (I believe). Since the Japanese game (Gunslinger Girl Vol.1) I brought over to his house worked on his playstation, now I want either a modded Playstation 2 or a new computer to run my PS2 emulator, which runs Vol.2 fine, but is REALLY laggy (as opposed to just plain laggy) on volumes 1 and 3. I’m hoping that overclocking my computer will do the trick, but for some reason the new Nvidia forceware won’t let my Graphics card ( Chaintech 6200A 128mb OC edition) overclock anymore, I’m considering downgrading my forceware.

My holds started appearing at the library starting about yesterday, Yes, it took me that long to finally receive my “Yotsuba vol.5”, and “Le Chevalier D’eon livre III” after like 5 months. All I need now, is my Angelic Days, volume 5… or whatever, but to me, it’s already ended (I’ve played girlfriend of steel 2 before, and this wasn’t in the plot, at least for the Rei Ayanami arch)

After I got home, I pulled off 2 last arcs, when played Melty blood, one for each Sion, just when I almost forgot how awesome Vampire Sion Tatari’s was. I’m sure I can beat my friend on the PC version, but it seems playing actual opponents is completely different than arcade opponents, so I’m not too sure anymore, I’ll just idle on my MBAC server in Hamachi, and wait for people to ask me to fight.

Here are some anime I plan to finish soon: Sky Girls, Hell Girl, ARIA.

I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere on Clannad soon.

And I’m considering picking up Rosario +(to) Vampire, maybe after I see the trailer.

Oh, and on Thursday, someone asked me about the EeePC, woohoo! But, I had less of a reaction than I though, by sitting at the crossroads library for about 15 minutes doing homework.

Speaking of my EeePC, I’m having trouble getting Stepmania 4.0 CVS working on that properly, I kinda wanted it due to the widescreen, but it seems that the linux version sucks, and the windows version on wine, is megas laggy. So, I just happened to switch back, but in the process, I had accidentally deleted my songfiles… *sigh*.




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