Gunslinger Girl – now with new… everything!

21 01 2008

Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino –

Il Teatrino title

Let’s see here, new animator, new story line, more action, better soundtrack, new opening, new ending, new seiyuus and new… Gunslinger Girls?

Alright, to tell you the truth, I kinda wish they carried a bit more into the new Gunslinger Girl season, but then again, it has been like what? 4 years? I can’t expect that from them can I?

Beside from my slight disappointment, I think that it’s going to be worth it to not having read the manga (vol.3 and up) ahead of time. I’ve only watched 1 episode so far, and it was great. having started off with a bang and more gun-related stuff to easing down with one of those gift-giving sequences and consoling with Claes, and watching the stars.

P90Is it just me, or does the p90 look a bit different, I think the old animator did a better job.

Triela’s shotgun shells Whoohoo, I finally got to see Triela put on her bayonet. I’m just confused as to why she needs or even has green rounds when all she uses are the red ones. Also, she only seems to use 1 at a time…. Either way, I want to see those green rounds in action sometime in the near future.

Also noticed, that I happen to miss the Delgados, and the showing the name of the characters in the opening sequence bit. Nevertheless I’m just glad that the new ending song isn’t as unbearable as the old one was.




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