Code Geass R2 promo

29 01 2008

Have you seen the new R2 video for Code Geass?

Season 2 of Code Geass logo

The new trailer for season 2 of Code Geass is now streamed online, at the company’s website.

Yeah, but right now, by download is bogged down my synchronous Xdcc and Torrent.

And the site requires some sort of DRM individualization after having not worked with firefox and a switch to internet explorer. So, youtube is the last option, even though I’ll be using the nico nico douga to watch it prolly.

And this is the picture on the site next to the video links

Yay!! something to look forward to this spring season other than Actress Again and maybe Himitsu.

-Edit-: Ok, I watched it (on the nico nico douga) and it wasn’t too bad, it had scenes from the one I saw at animekon. It seems that they somehow get out of that dazzling cliffhanger (ahemAhem), but I’m going to have to assume that they kill Suzaku so because I only saw him the the trailer once. There’s going to be a new character of sorts, and that Karen is going to work in a bunny suit like the rest of us I mean Mikuru. Last but not least, there’s probably some alien spaceship background at the very end. This leads me to conclude, that C.C. (and possibly also V.V.) is a deathless alien and that Geass is an advanced alien technology. But it’s too early to tell, but if I do get it right, we can all look back and say “Travis said this, he totally saw that one coming”.

Here is the NicoNicoDouga link:【ニコニコ動画】コードギアスR2予告




4 responses

29 01 2008

hmm i watched the trailer but its not that interesting lol

29 01 2008

Yeah, you’re probably right, I’m gonna have to agree with you, but still, it looks fairly interesting directionally (plot-wise). I stand in awe, however, if your lack of enthusiasm for Karen in a bunny costume, unless you have no sense of moe.

30 01 2008

LOL! i probably have no sense of moe -_____-“

30 08 2009

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