Happy…. By DTAC

7 02 2008

yeah, that’s a Thai Joke, and you probably don’t and or won’t understand it.

But the thing is…. the reason behind this insane happiness of mine is….

Well… take a look at this:MOAR Yakitate!!

Before explaining, this I would like to point out that I haven’t been watching enough anime lately, and I really need to make more time for doing so. Especially now, that I have the EeePC set up so I can stream my anime over the internet. The course selection thing for school really stress the heck out of me.

As some of you might probably know, Yakitate!! Japan was one of my favorite anime.  But the manga is just so much better, and covers many more foods. And I love foods.

Now, take a closer look at that picture… Notice that they already have the latest Yakitate Japan?? (Vol.11)  They used to have 10 less. That’s right. But for some reason, they must’ve realized what an awesome manga it was and decided to catch up. Catch up, being even ahead of even amazon.com, where you have to pre-order . Yeah, anyways, I’m just glad I don’t have to buy manga which I won’t read if I’ve already read it once. Anyways, so I just took the liberty of placing holds on those, for up to volume 7. Read them for a bit, and then probably return them (sadly). I breeze through these things anyways. Here’s a close-up *drool*. Anyways, I probably need to get back to doing homework T_T

MOAR Yakitate!!




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