Sakuracon 2008 cont’d

29 03 2008

So, Sakuracon was pretty good, having only been there for one Saturday, the whole thing was a spectacle, especially the Ali Project concert, where all sorts of anime openings were played (Shigofumi, Noir, Code Geass, and Princess Resurrection). The only regrets were not pre-registering, because on Sunday they’ll be playing “linda linda linda” which is the whole foundation for “Live Alive”, and they’ll be a seminar about making your own anime website, but I totally missed the seminar about making anime using photoshop, lunch lines were long, my Gamaliel degraded over time.

  • Cosplay Score:
  • Pac-man:70Photos+50Wakawakas
  • Riesbye Stridberg: 3 Pics total (1 of which the photographer understood who the character was)

Conclusion: Retro-gaming is more popular than French Bread….

Here’s the glowstick from my first concert (the Ali Project concert) which was a dud (didn’t work).

This is the most awesome cosplay:
And photo finish
Ok, thanks for reading, the rest of the photos that were taken by me and my friend are viewable at this photobucket album.



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