Beard Papa’s and their cream puff legacy

8 04 2008

As some of you (very little of you) may have already heard… The expanding pastry franchise known as “beard papa’s” has plans to expand to my near my area (Seattle). This is their website.   So, I’m gonna give you a moment to just drool over that…. Alright, so if you haven’t already noticed, by heading over to their locations page. You’ll notice a wide selection of California locations, and while this may be good for those of you who live in California, it’s very likely that people won’t be going to Disneyland for vacation anytime soon (or Seaworld for that matter), no matter how much they want to T_T. But in the “Coming Soon” section, however! they’re two locations planned for Seattle, the Uwajimiya (which i frequent, YES!) and Safeco field, a popular sports arena for the baseball team “Mariners”.

As for why I am so enthusiastic about this, is. During my vacation to Thailand, almost two years, ago, at the Siam Paragon shopping complex, I came across multitudes of pastry shops that were excellently paired with the delicious variety of food offered at the food court (darn, too bad I didn’t take pictures there). Besides Dairy Queen, Mrs. Field, and some of the other stuff you can find here, they have some very unique stalls there. Besides Beard Papa’s there was this bread & butter shop called heads & tails, where they replace the butter and give you custard filling instead, fillings to choose from were regular, taro, and pandanus flavored. Roti and Thai milk tea was also offered that this other place, where the main “bar tender” put ona  pretty great show in brewing the milk tea, the problem was, if you don’t say anything, then they’ll fill your cup with ice, and you’ll only get a sip or two of the milk tea so be sure to mention “I would like less ice please” (I’m sure they understand engrish), or risk being ripped off, even though it costs like 25 baht (the equivalent of 75cents or something at the time).

But Beard Papa’s was really special, at the time, I think they had a much smaller spectrum of products (at least in that Franchise), there was, for beverages: A chocolate milk, and a strawberry flavored milk (none of which I was able to try), but they were named differently than I presented them, and for 40 baht (around a dollar at the time), (or cheaper if you buy a pack of 6 or a baker’s dozen at once) you can get what I claim to be the best cream puffs in the world. I think they only offered vanilla at that location, but I can’t remember too well. I probably even had a reaction (don’t worry I don’t remember cosplaying as the beard papa for that or anything). But I can’t even begin to imagine what the green tea or strawberry flavored ones would be like.

One of my friends is at Hawaii, and I found out that Hawaii had a franchise there that was comparable to the California base. If he got my E-mail as I am hoping he does, then he’ll get that taste and report back to me. I’ll ask him to describe it and such for amusement.

The franchises are opening in Seattle in June, I can’t wait. But, chances are it’s gonna be overpriced, with each one falling to about a dollar back then, and the ratio of Mrs. Fields cookies between here and thailand was about 2 dollars to 3 (I believe), the Cream Puffs are projected (by me) to cost from around 1.50 to 2.25. I’m guessing 1.75, but the thing is, it’s totally gonna be worth it (at least in this price range, if it goes above, it’s gonna be a once in a while commodity, like Ivar’s)




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