No, I’m not dead

12 05 2008

I’ve been meaning to post. I simply haven’t gotten to doing so.

I guess I was going to do a little instructional video or the likes on this blog, about how to set up a wall scroll. It took me a while for me to pressure my parents to let me buy my own wall scroll and hang it up. I was really confused at first, but my intuition gave me a clue. The cap popped off accidentally after that, and I was set. I looks really good behind my bed though.

Anime: Tomohiro is getting scary in terms of his otaku level (does that even exist? It does now). In other news, I was thinking about watching macross frontiers. May start soon, heard it overshadows even the great Code Geass R2.

What I’m getting into: I want Tohou Hitousen (10.5) really bad, because I pwn with the wind riot (Aya Syameimaru) I think it was, working on mastering Alice Margatroid. The friend I’ve been negotiating with for his PS2 still hasn’t put up his PS2 yet. Finally…. I just forgot, but I had it a moment ago. Exit Trance, is really good. I just need the funding* to get their aerodynamics disc.

Everyone is offline on my Hamachi server, and it’s been ages since I played anyone on MBAC.

AP testing going on… Must study. Can’t watch too much anime right now.

I might post my UI for my desktop soon. I recently revamped it, and now looks impressive.

Lastly, I managed to upload songs to my (old) cell phone. The Misato theme, and Koi no densetsu no Mikuru are the two songs that are on there for now. MIDI, of course. I just wish that someone would post that “CaramellDansen (SpeedyCake mix)” in downloadable MIDI format.

Pictures and instruction(al video)s about how to make a wall scroll coming soon.

*Speaking of funding, where the heck is my job??? My application at uwajimiya was nullified, the work list for Panera Bread is full, and my dad hasn’t even dropped off my application at Ivar’s yet. I mean…. come on!




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10 10 2008

Hey, it’s been a while since this post, but good to see this blog is still running. Ahh, how’s the PS2 negotiations going? XD

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