Gunslinger Girl 2 – licensed; Wallscroll; Songs (that get stuck in my head)

14 05 2008

So, it appears that Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- is licensed by funimation and due for…. 2009 (and I don’t think they mean early 2009 either). I’m seriously considering just heading back to the manga now. We’ll see. I might just wait it out, on the other hand.

Time to talk about that gunslinger girl Wall scroll I got set up in my bed room.

GSG wallscroll close-up

Other than those generic Doraemon bedsheets, the anime DVDs, and book one the Kino no Tabi light novels.

This That Gunslinger Girl Wall scroll that I bought

is the only thing representative of my otaku hobby, as of now. I need…. PVC figures…. and gatchapons. But that’s only possible after I get a job.

If you do happen to buy a wallscroll, the top should look something like this

There’s a bar on the top, and at the bottom, there’s a slot with the poster already installed or attached onto it. It’s horizontally adjustable, but vertical adjustments are risky. Two hooks are also included to help you secure it onto a nearby wall, or through other methods. As you can see, I used two clear thumbtacks.

Kinda Blurry, but this is the wallscroll\'s cap

Kinda Blurry, but this is the wallscroll’s cap, it will allow you to insert the hooks and slide them into the position that you want. Mount it, and if the angle of the top bar is off, you’ll notice it when you stand back and look at a distance. If you really must, then get one of those laser levelers, but I cannot guarantee that you will have one lying around.

The three songs that got stuck in head (and maybe lots of other days) today:

  1. Caramelldansen (speedycakemix)
  2. Neko Nyan Dance (Harenchi Punch)
  3. Agent o yoru wo iku (Makoto Kikuchi’s version)

Blurb: And I’ve been looking around for a job as a QC’er (seeing as though I can’t seem to get a real job). I should have went in on that sub boot camp thing they had at the static-subs a while back. Macross F is doing really well, I’m considering going back to its roots on the first season. My desk is filled with those cardboard cutouts of those cokepoints, and that Simon Gift account prize is nowhere in sight (I think it was taken off of their website). Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and sleep, because tomorrow is the day of my World History AP exam.




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