Riesbyfe Cardboard Cut-out ad on the am-net blog

17 05 2008

Source: http://blog.am-net.jp/article/14953143.html

My thoughts: I do…. no doubt want one of those. The arcade system would be nice too, I guess, but I might just play on it, when I do go to Japan. But the Riesbyfe cardboard cut-out advertisement is *drool*.

Blurb: Fun-fact… did you know: ‘Riesbyfe Stridberg (リーズバイフェ・ストリンドヴァリ Rīzubaife Sutorindovari?)’ -Wikipedia. If you look at the romanji, Stridberg = Sutorindovari (sounds kinda like Stradivari, which is the guy who makes those world class Stradivarius violins), although one must keep in mind that… it IS Wikipedia. And then, according to DM’s “Social Life Calculus“, that takes my graph down a step closer to the negative zone. T_T <-tears.

*Edit* P.S: I guess I should’ve asked the Seattle Grand Illusions theater to give me their poster for that 5cm per second airing in October 2007. And I really should’ve asked some girl to go out and see that movie with me as a date. Accidentally triggering the right mouse button here, the first option is “undo”. Too bad it doesn’t work on life.




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