A Dog of Flanders

22 05 2008

Ok, I read this a while back, and just thought of it after having come across the a saved copy of it as an eBook. Kinda nostalgic really. http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/7766 is where it is available as a free eBook, mainly because it seems that the full thing isn’t fully available to the public yet.

So basically, that was some reaction to the guy watching the anime’s sad part…. I tried watching it, but the book was much sadder…. Although I still kinda cried in the anime version. But I’ll leave that for you to decide. But one thing is clear for me… cherubs are the last thing that I would use to visualize the beautiful words that were used by Ouida to illustrate this wonderful (in a sad way) tragedy.

If you’re gonna watch it watch the movie. The ending is:

Anime Ver. Last episode:

It’s a real tear-jerker if you know the context, better adaptation than the series, because of lighting, and better voice-acting, animation, and interpretation, and a bit of Japanese(at least for the movie version).




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