KnK fansub roundup

25 06 2008

For Kara no Kyoukai #1 Fukan Fuukei [May 21 DVD], there have been 3 major fansubs, doing the subbing. Hopefully, which this guide, you can determine which fansub you’re going to choose when it comes to the next 2 installations of KnK, Murder Inquisitions 1&2 (Due June 23, and July 25). Read the rest of this entry »


Rising food costs?

4 06 2008

WITHOUT GOING “SOYLENT GREEN”. Personally, I haven’t really been effected by all of this. Living in arguably one of the most wasteful country in the world, which shall remain unnamed, I’m in a position where I get food for such a price that I am able to take it for granted. Alright, so here’s what I’ve discovered so far. Read the rest of this entry »

Riesbyfe Stridberg MALupdater Skin

1 06 2008

I initially made this a while back, and then it got rejected, but then I made it again using the Theme Maker Feature, and it’s working out for me, gonna update a little more. Contact me if you’re interested (comment here or something and since there’s no people who ever come to this blog anyways, I just might be able to help you).

This got rejected T_T