Rising food costs?

4 06 2008

WITHOUT GOING “SOYLENT GREEN”. Personally, I haven’t really been effected by all of this. Living in arguably one of the most wasteful country in the world, which shall remain unnamed, I’m in a position where I get food for such a price that I am able to take it for granted. Alright, so here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

The Issue:

Food prices are rising due to things like high gas prices, livestock raising (waste product management), etc. Meats (Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish) are upwards $7, most-where, and sometimes people can only afford 2 meals a day*.


People aren’t going to like change, but if push comes to shove, they’ll do it. Which brings me to….


Gas Prices go back down – this is probably what everyone hopes for, but… not likely.

Buy homegrown or local farmer produce – This means that you don’t get what companies like [unnamed tuna canning company] does where they catch the fish in the US, ship it to Thailand to be processed and canned, and then sent back here to be redistributed. Sure it’s cheaper that way, but…. not for long. Although, not all of us have tuna in out backyards, so technically it’s permissible as a luxury good. Also, it’s gonna help make it so that we eat more vegetables and rely less on livestocks, meats and such.

An example of my community trying to encourage local farmer comsumption

Insects – These are said to be more efficient, yield less waste products, and be quite healthy. Oh, and we’re supposed to eat them. It’s not that gross once it’s cooked and seasoned, I had one one time (in Thailand), and it was really, really, good. When it comes down to it it’s the cooking, seasoning, and taking off those spiky legs and cute dark eyes before eating, that matter. I mean who eats beef that’s neither seasoned, cooked, nor with the skin taken off, anyways?

The ones I’ve eaten yield (per 100g/3 oz/ 99cent chips bag worth), Crickets (562 Cals, 6.7g protein), silkworm pupae (50 Cals, 9.6g protein). So, there’s an option for low-calorie intakers, too, for silkworms yield less fat (in pupae stage).

Beans and Egg Whites – These are from what I hear, the healthiest forms of proteins, Egg whites (not the yolks), are supposed to yield pure and complete protein with all amino acids.

Become more efficient consumers – Creating leftovers, and not eating if you’re full (this concept I haven’t fully grasped) but in theory, it should work, or at least help. I’ve made the habit of eating food… when food is around, which doesn’t entirely make sense.

Limited to 2 meals a day, if living sedentary lifestyle – Buddhist monks do this every day, no meals after 12, no snacks either. Things like liquids are permissible though. Chew gum, keep occupied, and all should be clear. No guarantees that everyone would obtain nirvana though. If hungry, do stuff to keep mind off of food, intensely addictive gaming, purposeless lectures where the professor drones on and on, reading a light novel, manga, or normal novel, exercising sometimes even helps. Wake up early for breakfast, this means sleeping earlier too, which helps for staving off those late-night snack cravings. ~est. quote from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei “The normal time to go to sleep is 20:00, and the normal time to wake up is 6:00, anything else, and one is not human.” – That one perfectionist girl with the split hair.


Just to see how this affects me. Here is my favorite restaurant, Ivar’s. According the Global warming articles throughout, the seafood industry is doomed, because the high acidity of Carbon Dioxide dissolved in water will begin to dissolve the Calcium Carbonate in the shells of delicious mollusks, such as mussels, clams, oysters, sea-snails, this will causes their extinction essentially (unless they can learn to get along with their predators), Chinook Salmon and the other guys will have to find a new food source, and it’s not going to be pretty. Though I don’t mind eating crickets, I wouldn’t mind indulging in some famous seafood every now and then.

Blurb: I’m not trying to be the one to tell you guys this so, that I can indirectly save the world, I’m actually just writing this to put into order these ideas that I have in my head, this is for my reference too, I can start shopping at the Crossroads farmer’s market taking the bus while going there, buying things like fresh produce and fruits, and not taking things like meat for granted, and eat less of them since they’re something that’s getting rarer, and I believe, that if we all try and be a little bit less wasteful, we can work to help conserve my favorite species of delicious seafood from certain extinction, and the complete reconfiguration of the entire seafood food chain. And apparently, on July 15th I’ll be at the Crossroads Farmer’s market to celebrate my favorite fruit, the Blueberry

THE BLUEBERRY!!!!, where it and it’s products will be sold for $5.00.

*When I was a Buddhist novice, I was only limited to 2 meals a day (absolutely nothing solid after 12), it wasn’t really that bad I didn’t feel hungry, sometimes, I even had a small lunch, though usually I would try and stock up my energy reserves for the day by eating my fill during lunch, and the rest would be managed by something like Odwalla Superfoods.


Discover Magazine “How technology will save the earth”






2 responses

5 06 2008

Its quite easy to grow your own vegetables in your backyard or on a windowsill. Herbs and easy plants like lettuce require little depth. And at the end of the day, they save you money.

17 09 2008

I’m really glad that I wrote this post. Now I can look back and reuse some work and sources in my work in Environmental Science. (^3^)

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