KnK fansub roundup

25 06 2008

For Kara no Kyoukai #1 Fukan Fuukei [May 21 DVD], there have been 3 major fansubs, doing the subbing. Hopefully, which this guide, you can determine which fansub you’re going to choose when it comes to the next 2 installations of KnK, Murder Inquisitions 1&2 (Due June 23, and July 25).

Prioritized by Order of release date, here are the 3 candidates:

  • ggkthx & Takajun [Release date May 22 (1 day after release)]
  • Shinsen-sub [June 5 (approx. 2 weeks after release)]
  • Anime-One & Menclave [June 20 (almost a month after release)]

First impressions, I wasn’t willing to wait, and I just went with ggkthx, and I found it spectacular, but then some of the fansubs I were more familiar with popped in and started subbing it too. So far, I’ve been willing to wait for some of the Menclave projects, Macross Frontier, Library wars (which I haven’t started) and Code Geass R2, I had honorably left to Menclave and their affiliates. These have been slow, but I’ve had no problems with these fansubs in the past. Although, I do recall an encoding error partial to conclave. Shinsen-sub, I used to listen to their radio, and also entrusted to anime such as kaze no stigma, and I think mnemosyne.

The omake, near the beginning as a “please turn off your cellphone type adviser, is missing/completely void from the Shinsen-subs edition.

OMG!! it’s a neco-arc!

As far as the subs themselves go.


ggkthx icecream scene

Shinsen Subs

Anime One and Menclave

Anime One\'s take

In Terms of font type, I like Anime One’s the best. They make use of italicizing, although I didn’t really hear any emphasize on that line. It’s 2 lines, big and easy to catch/read. And I also like the color scheme. gg’s is also good, and goes well with the fight scene, but not THIS scene, because the outline matches Shiki’s Yukata. Volvic water, is also REALLY good, but where I live, the size Shiki buys actually drops in 10 cents per pint more than at 1 lt size. Also it’s really expensive, but I digress.

Finally, the last thing I saw Anime One do better is, the fight scene, the version that ggkthx and shinsen did, was say something along the lines of “fall”. My mind converted that to die, and (correct me if I’m wrong, but) I think what they were saying was “die” anyways. Well, I guess they were saying “fall”, but I guess it can also mean die. But In any case, Anime One gets extra points for using itacize.


Anime-One and menclave are the best in quality. If I’m ever going to rewatch and/or store it in my External Seagate 160GB hard drive, it I’ll do it with Anime One, but the one (1) month delay is ridiculous for such a type-moon fan. As for Aone vs. Shinsen, the two week delay is enough to make me recommend gg-takajun, over them. Although it’s a close call in terms of quality.

Why you would go with ggkthx:

  1. Can’t wait
  2. Rlly big type-moon / Kara no Kyoukai Light novels fan
  3. Has ever heard of Takajun

Why you would go with Shinsen-subs:

  1. Willing to wait 2 weeks (other things to catch up on/ more exciting{FYI NOTHING CAN BE MORE EXCITING})
  2. Like their font-type and previous works in translations
  3. Don’t mind missing out on the Omake “Please turn off your cellphones“.

Why you would go with AnimeOne & Menclave:

  1. Best quality
  2. LOTS of ANIME TO CATCH UP  On, lots of work to catch on (you know something that’ll keep you going for a month)
  3. Re-Watch, collection (although if you really want to collect then go and buy the limited edition versions…. NOW! (and get me one too, plz :3)



3 responses

26 06 2008

Library Wars is a decent enough series if only for the romance portion.

As for releases of KnK, I went for the fastest release and personally, as long as I don’t have to spend time deciphering bad subs, I’m satisfied. Special effects are better left for the animation itself, not the fansub text. Because the movie was so breath-taking, I feel obligated to burn a hole through my wallet to purchase this once all of them come out (or I may purchase bit by bit… depending on my impulse).

The cell-phone warning was an epic win 🙂

Also, Movie 2 seems to be out :p

27 06 2008

Yeah, none of the subs are really bad, but since KnK is so irresistable, I find that most people will probably go for the fastest, and then either store the Anime One into their Hard Drive after it is released, in case they want to re-watch (who wouldn’t). I’ll probably be shelling out for the DVDs (hopefully limited edition) after it gets licensed and then released here too.

28 06 2008

I think ggkthx did the subs for the new one (Murder Investigation Part 1). Same font 🙂

I’m right now torn between snapping up individual releases… or going for the boxset. I’m sure the artwork for the latter will be good enough to be worth the money but whether or not my patience will hold out… is another story.

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