11 07 2008

I’ve been looking at itachari the whole day, online, and was considering and speculating making one. My current bicycle is a little bit rusty, and could use a makeover, as I’ve decided after riding for a bit with my friend. Hehehe, no one else here , seems to have an itachari.

I’ve looked as spoke cards, commercial wheel covers, other people’s itachari. But the most information that I’ve gotten today about how to actually MAKE one, came from the japanese gizmodo article about that subject.

It seems that the bike demonstrated has a much smaller wheel than my current bike. but I can probably skimp like he did, and it’ll only take me three A4 sized sheets of paper.

I was thinking about doing it like that Haruhiism T-shirt, where it’s a Haruhiism Logo one side, and the SOS-dan logo on the other. And speaking of those T-shirts, I actually made one myself, using iron-ons (highly degraded by now), and I wish I could find a way to use them for this. As another design, maybe the round badges at the ED of Penguin Girl Musume Heart (which is awesome!!), even if I don’t quite go with that for a disc wheel (resolution problems) I’ll surely consider having them as stickers. But I guess it’s also nice to theme your itachari too.

Itacharis just lined up on that sidewalk, there, they seem to be racers

Itacharis just lined up on that sidewalk, there, they seem to be racers

Best pick of course, was this Cirno one not 100% sure where these pictures are from but it seems to be or something

Its a cirno itachari

It's a cirno itachari

Of course, you can’t see this, but it actually has the type of Cirno Gatchapon shown here (on a different bike):

It is a Cirno Gatchapon that belongs to a more sticker oriented itachari

It is a Cirno Gatchapon that belongs to a more sticker oriented itachari

….I kinda want that Cirno Gatchapon…. now…

I have a white bicycle, so doing something like, without painting the whole thing blue, would be out of the question. The pictures at gizmodo JPN only seem to cover the insides. What most others (the cirno one included) seem to do is create a sort of cover for the wheels, or maybe even a disc wheel (really expensive) instead of an insert. I like the material they use, but I can’t figure out for sure, quite what it is. The gizmodo one used a sort of glossy black…. obsidian type plastic thing. However, sometimes, they decorate in between those wide open spaces between the frames. Or like in the Cirno one, a card/flag that has image and a number (in this case, 9) on it. I’ve seen quite a number of itachari today, that I would be too embarrassed to ride, if given the chance to, these are either Pink, Eroge-based, Ecchi, Nanoha. None of the ones I’ve seen where that poorly made, however.

It would be more convenient for me to just be lazy, and do a spoke insert, though. Stickers, since they’re hard for me to find out of season (sakuracon) and not to mention expensive, I might either make my own or order them off of online. Spoke cards would need to be laminated, and I don’t know where I can do that.

Can’t right now though, because I still need to go out for an ink refill, and it also happens that I’m a N.E.E.T. for this summer.




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