Pia Carrot G.P.

23 07 2008

Yeah, I started playing this after I figured out how to get ATLAS translator hooked onto the screen text. Opening sequence after the break. Other games are also being looked forward to play: Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku Wo, Nursery Rhyme, Kara no Shoujo, LoveDeath2(once I get a new Hard drive). May post screencaptures here as I go through the game.


Synopsis, is from where I’m at in the story, and from what I understand. Is that the main character works in a restaurant named “Pia Carrot” (Sayaka Takai is like… no where in sight T_T). So the main character gets blown up while failing to properly terminate some gas valve, causing the explosion of the restaurant. Due to this, he ends up relocating to gakuen… or some educational/school/university district in order to become the manager. So yah, it’s holding up pretty good. I was looking at the gatchapon at this one store while I was in Richmond, Vancouver, Canada. I guess that’s how I figured it out, and entered the slipstream. Anyways, now that this blog has started I might upload some pictures into the photo gallery and then post it here.

Owww... Why'd she just punch me in the face?!?!

Owww... Why'd she just punch me in the face?!?!

So far, I find it pretty fun, I can read very little hiragana but that helps me during the translations (I can read some). Atlas romanized the words it doesn’t know also, so that’s also very helpful. Before the translator I’ve only played 1 visual novel type game, like all the way through, and that was the game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days is based off of. I think it was the 2nd Iron Maiden: Girlfriend of Steel. And I didn’t understand the story too much, at the time, but I managed to enter and end with the Rei Ayanami story arch, I figured out how the name looks in Kanji, and choose that each time, it came up as a possibility. May play again with the new translator.

Blurbs: Got Tarot Cards yesterday, I’ll try to determine the future of Anime, because of dropped titles from ADV films, and the collapse of Geneon Entertainment USA film.




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13 08 2008

Hmm do you have a English patch for Pia.carrot.G.P i just finished downloading it today… and i can’t seem to find any… plzz help me

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