cloudbook at $299 walmart

28 07 2008

I might just get a cloudbook. My parents gave away my EeePC to some relatives over in Thailand…. along with my Windows XP license for it..

The shipping is only 97 cents too, making this laptop 3 cents away from $300 dollars.

I was initially planning on getting the MSI-wind, but that $80 price increase made the price difference between these two the equivalent of not 4, but 5 1/6-1/8 scale PVC figurines. *sigh*. The only difference I’ve seen between the two besides that price difference is Windows XP, The Screen (brightness and size), The hard drive (speed & capacity), wireless connectivity, memory, and finally the processor.

I heard the $399 linux version is going to utilise Novell linux (Suse). I may just go with Ubuntu Gnome combo that comes in gOS with the cloudbook. And save myself 2 PVC figurines.

I was thinking tht if I get this, I could get one of my friends who can go to the microsoft store to get Windows XP for me, heck, maybe even Vista home basic.

I was gonna take this to play Tsukihime on wine, too bad other Eroge games wouldn’t work. Anyways, I’m hoping the wireless isn’t as bad as I’ve been hearing it is. And also the Hard Drive operates at 43mb/s max and my DVD-RAM operates at around 33mb/s. But I’ve gotten used to that, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially because it has cache, to tip the balance.




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6 08 2008

Pretty nice laptop for the price. I am thinking of getting Acer Aspire One at $349. Via processor is better than intel atom ?

6 08 2008

Intel Atom is actually better, since it has a higher clock spread, and Hyperthreading, which boosts the performance even more. I’m just thinking about this one, because unlike the other netbooks (with the exception of the MSI wind), this one uses a regular (although slow) hard drive, meaning 30GB>4/8GB. But yeah, Acer Aspire One at that price, is a really good deal, but consider MSI wind, because of the ergonomic keyboard, the bright screen, and the 80GB hard drive.

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