11 08 2008

So, I thought I’d finally take the time to formally endorse my friend’s website at

Here comes the talk:

So my friend asked me to team up with him and create a website. In the first revision, we worked hard to formulate the CSS and headers and all. The last revision was mostly his doing, with me being back-up crew and just tidying things up with CSS.

The site is purposed around games, gizmos, and technology. From a first glance it probably seems like any other site (gizmodo, engadget, ps3 fanboy). But the main things that set this site apart are:

  • We aren’t always at the forefront so we won’t necessarily post things that just happened, but we might post net phenomenons, interesting gizmos, games, and our reviews for those games.
  • We also operate and maintain a forums.
  • We don’t have much storage space…. in fact we’re running kinda low.
  • We’re still accepting new authors (hardly any of our current ones are contributing)
  • Also we’re considering implementing ads, but haven’t gotten them on there yet, so as of now it shall remain advertisement free, at least for a while.
  • Finally you can try your hand on doing the thing those editors over at gizmodo are doing.
  • You won’t get paid for doing so. Then again neither are we (yet, but we might stick in some ads to cover the server/hosting fees).
  • Much smaller, the community won’t be anywhere near as big as any of the big sites, this can be a double edged sword, for lesser members means less content and comments. But way too many can mean that your voice will not be heard (well, it will but a lesser percentage of participants will end up reading it).

Anyways, I’m influencing the thing with Japanese games, and anime games, and Japanese tech. Currently the dominating factor is Sony PS3 fanboys. If you’re interested in joining you can contact us either through the forums or




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