Pia Carrot Movie ~Sayaka’s Love story~

11 08 2008

Tonight I’ve just watched the 48 minute presentation of the Pia Carrot movie, it’s supposedly based off Takai Sayaka, and the corresponding eroge “Pia Carrot 3”. Not that I’ve personally played this Visual Novel (I’m playing G.P.).

Synopsis: *Caution Spoiler Warning*

Takai Sayaka is a waitress at the 2nd Pia Carrot restaurant. But when she was asked to go help out at the 4th branch in Misaki (a beach town) during the summer, she accepted, but becomes heartbroken when she tells her heartfelt crush, Akihiko, the head waiter, gives such an apathetic response, when she announces her leave. Once she arrives in Misaki, however she meets the new crew for this Pia Carrot branch. And this wholehearted crew helped each other through their struggles, having some fun and some memories along the way.

Released in 2002, the animation is not up to today’s standards, but does great in its own. No significant voice actors (that I know of), WITH THE EXCEPTION OF HORIE YUI, and the final conclusion leaving out some of the side characters and focusing only on Sayaka leaves something to be sought.

Oh, and if you’re not planning to watch it, I’ve isolated the Misaki Festival Swimsuit Competition Segment off of it. I didn’t include the entire festival, since there was a high point. I just wanted to give a sense of the animation, voice acting and song style, for this movie… and perhaps introduce the characters(you can’t get a glimpse of their true personalities here though).

Verdict: 8.4/10

It was effective…. It makes you realize that people can be fools for love, and that taking action proves effective, because you’ll have an answer rather than waiting, even if the crush has another crush. It still hurts my head to think about it too deeply though. In any case, the movie is still probably a good watch even if you’re not familiar with the Pia Carrot franchises. The costumes are tremendously cute though, especially since they show off various types.

Note: Pia Carrot Visual Novel combo may boost your enjoyment and attention span rating as much by a multiplier level of 2x. Lack of harem also decreases the hate towards lead male character down by 70% effectively for Travis. The ending theme song does not conclude, endure the ending song and reach the final scene.

P.S. I LOVE SAYAKA! T_T She’s not in G.P.




2 responses

3 12 2009

Where do you find an episode of Pia Carrot GP? Thanks!

4 12 2009

Pia Carrot GP doesn’t have an anime yet…. Did I suggest that? Anyways, 3 has Sayaka’s love story, and the original had an OVA, but GP hasn’t had an anime adaptation yet.

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