One item, One NEET, One Budget….

15 08 2008

Symbolizing the willingness to move into new territory is the World Card. And since I have never had or even seen an (unpacked) PVC figurine before, I thought this might be a good move.

It’s not very easy for a NEET to splurge and just buy everything he wants when he wants. In any case I’m looking to splurge. The budget this time is $50-60 And I’ve picked a handful of only the best products that I could need that is acquire for that amount, with shipping. So, let’s take a look.


Ryogi Shiki Garan no Dou Figure

Ryogi Shiki Garan no Dou Figure

Priced at around 54 Dollars and it probably is going to cost shipping and handling too when it comes into stock this November. Shipping at 500g actually puts me a bit over the limit, because the shipping is only slightly lesser than $15. These things sell like hotcakes, so I must do my best to reserve.


Yuki Nagato School Uniform Figma

Yuki Nagato Figma w/ Stand

Yuki Nagato Figma w/ Stand

Yuki Nagato figma sitting

Yuki Nagato figma sitting

At $30 ($45 with shipping), it’s loaded with many accessories. I find a stand distasteful so it’s nice to know that I can go into sitting mode! I won’t be moving it around though, I just wanna have it sit there in a sitting pose in a cabinet that I haven’t made yet, so it’ll probably be a shelf, that it would sit on.


AGP X1600 Pro GPU with 256MB GDDR2

A $45 X1600 Pro AGP gpu from tigerdirect

A $45 X1600 Pro AGP gpu from tigerdirect

May improve my game performance in the games that I do have, in this computer that is getting old. I may just get a new computer though. I wouldn’t mind being able to get TF2 and play Joint Operations at more reasonable settings in widescreen, and maybe 1440×990 Counter Strike Source won’t be so bad. Cooling won’t be a problem, since I already have a PCI-slot cooler, for my 6200A (overkill). Like I said… new computer. Since the minimum recommended power supply wattage is 450w, and I have a mere 350w, the risks may be too high to indulge in such a low scheme.


USB Fighting Stick
Mayflash (29.99 + $25 shipping = ~$55)

USB compatible Arcade style fighting stick for PS2 and PS3

USB compatible Arcade style fighting stick for PS2 and PS3

Well since I play Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, Arcana Heart, and Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, all without a joystick, it might be time for me to get a joystick, because all know that Dizzy’s 1-hit K.O. is impossible to pull off with a game pad, and the EX and SP moves are just really hard, and can injure some thumbs. And I only play as Dizzy, LOL!. I’ved asked my cousins in Thailand to bring me a cheap Chinese imitation one, might as well wait and see if I get one and if it’ll hold out or not.

No.(N/A) Honorable Mention

I can’t get it because it’s out of my budget range, but I really want it. (in excess of $90 when shipping is added)

Henrietta Assualt Figurine may go great with my wallscroll

"Henrietta Assault Figurine" may go great with my wallscroll

Maybe if I get some birthday money, and it’s still in stock after it’s been on the market on September and crosses over into my birthday, I may get it.


I’m already making my move. Soon! Garan no Dou Shiki WILL BE MINE!!!! Anyways, feel free to help me decide what I should do, and comment on it! Reservation will be hard though, I hope they take Mastercard debit, and not only credits cards…




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