Traversian Itachari Mock-up

18 08 2008
Traversian Itachari Mock-up

Traversian Itachari Mock-up

Yay! I finally finished it, so I thought I’d do a mock-up too, since I already took pictures of my bike earlier on today. It became late by the time I finished it though. It’s not perfect though, but I think it’s looking good so far. Whether it’ll drag up envy or be looked upon, I won’t know until I do the first test run after the disc wheel is inserted and secure. I’m hoping to be able to do this before the end of August, which is pretty much when school starts. Sadly this means I’ll have to balance this and school preparations and summer reading. Such a pain, I wish I could just get it all up and running in just one day.

It took me a while, but I managed to finish the pseudo disc wheel design for my Itachari Bicycle… I was initially going to do a Wheel of Samsara, or wheel of fortune sorta thing, but I was kinda afraid taht it would spook everyone out. I’m hoping to stick some more characters into the wheel though. But I’m having a hard time finding a good picture for Ranka Lee (Macross F), I’m also hoping to stick in Alice (Aria), and Minami Iwasaki (Lucky Star). Gonna have a heck of a time finding room though, I may just sneak it in like I did with Mion (Higurashi).

Also as a spoke card I thought I might make a Tarot card deck, and then make double for “wheel of fortune”, so that I can use one as a spoke card. Who knows. BTW, this is just a mock-up, assumably the real deal will be much… much worse, because the spokes actually line-up criss-cross, and The foam board is actually a bit too short, so I’ll be cut off on the very top and very bottom. I haven’t exactly figured out how I’m going to properly secure the foam board yet either (not good if loose).

To be done:

  • Still need more inkjet ink, idk if I can refill, maybe broken or dry.
  • Glossy Paper which is also water proof, and can have ink printed on it and stick.
  • Accurate measurements (I took a pre-measurement test) apparently a part of the top and a part of the bottom is going to be cut off, not that I mind. I’m gonna try and get it right the first time, because I’m not exactly giving myself a second shot with the (99 cents) foam board (on sale a while back).
  • Probably won’t paint bike, Disc wheel matches original color scheme of bike well, but may choose to add stickers in later on.
  • Decide whether “Green Power” is appropriate or not, it sounds like some people may be offended?
  • Remember, to create a file where there’s some extra space, because part of it will be hidden behind the tire.
  • The other side (idk if I’m gonna do a different theme or just keep the same theme, but then just place the rest of the characters I wanted to get in on the other side) Prolly the same theme.
  • Gatchapon (keychain swinger style)…. My Gatchapon dealer is in Canada, it’ll be a while before I can go up there and get one.
  • Courage: People probably won’t care, but that doesn’t mean I won’t blush if they do look at it.
  • Also thinking of cutting out Sikieirei’s stick, in order to make it more transparent…

Tomorrow I’m going to go out look for the glossy water proof paper, and refill the ink, come home, finish up the disc wheel design, eventually I’ll take good measurements, print out the sheets, glue on the sheets, insert the disc, and secure it, somehow…..

Options for Securing:

  1. Super Glue
  2. Tape
  3. Gum/Adhesive/Silly Putty/Rubber Cement
  4. Hook/Strap (will block image… last resort)
  5. Screws
  6. Clips
  7. Velcro

I’m hoping I don’t need to try all of these, but these are the only possible ways that I can make work in the slightest sense. Right now my first choice Clips, then Tape, Then Adhesive, but I’ll need something secure, so no ordinary tape will do, and duct tape would be unsightly (I do have chrome duct tape however).

UPDATE: I finished the disc board, and compiled it and stuff, but I didn’t realize that I need to isolate the wheel in order to insert it correctly,l and since I’m no bike mechanic, I wasn’t able to successfully do so, because this one screw was being impossible.




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20 08 2008

Woa, bike looks really cool, if I wish I could make my yellow… with anime characters like that.

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