My favorite bird: The Amami Jay (A.K.A. The Lidth’s Jay)

26 08 2008

It’s official, if any of you guys have asked me what my favorite bird was, knowing that I am a big fan of birds, I might’ve given you random answers and did some bird hopping, for instance, if you asked me, I’d think of the first bird on my mind and say that that is my favorite, but that is no longer. Sure all of the species of birds are great in their own way. But I have to admit, this is by far the best looking bird. It’s oth cute, vibrantly colored, and glossy. The posture, is expected as such of a cousin of the Stellar Jay.

Lidths Jay (Amami Jay)

Lidth's Jay (Amami Jay)

It’s being threatened by things like crows eating their eggs though…. It’s kinda sad…

I love those natural mutual relationship moments that you see on the discovery channel. Like with the cowbird, normally atrocious for laying eggs in warbler’s nests and pretending it’s theirs, but it actually ends up helping them because there’s this parasitic species that is timed to hatch before warblers do, but the cowbird actually hatches before that even, and as a result eats the parasite. IDK what they do after though, cuz the warbler mother would still end up feeding it as such, but it’s always good to see birds having mutual benefits off eachother.

So yeah… it just pains me to see that birds haven’t made peace yet… Then again we’re not doing too much better. Well, those crows have to eat something, it’s just inconvenient that it has to be something potentially so beautiful like the Amami Jay.

P.S: Whoops, I stil haven’t said it yet. But yeah, Lidth’s Jay is my favorite species from now on, so if you ask me what my favorite species of birds, the answer isn’t gonna change… “It’s the Lidth’s Jay, hands down.”

[About Arkive] is a really interesting site, that all should see at least once, since not everyone has the oppurtunity to get up close and personal with the world’s wildlife. Most of us are just exposed to the everyday crows, sparrows, squirrels, chikadee, potato bug, evergreen tree, dandelion, house fly, seagull, duck, duck, goose, combination (may vary depending on your location). They have most of the world’s Threatened and Endangered Species “Arkive”‘d For future purposes. Coincedentally, all of the most interesting, beautiful, and unique wildlife happens to be either that (Threatened or Endangered). Here are some links to get started. Fishing Cat, Coconut Crab, Providence Petrel. The site is lacking in some parts, but even if it’s just one picture, that picture is usually spectacular, capturing…. enough for me to get a sense of the creature. Videos also do a great job, the flash viewing screen that’s provided is sort of small, but the option to download the video, and the fairly high resolution, is great. The only thing I find lacking about it, is that it says “British Species”, right next to “Threatened Species” so my first thought is that they’re really small, and are just limiting themselves to their homeland, which I can understand, right now… Or they’re just not making any effort to generalize, because I’ve looked at the list of the species, and a good number of the “British Species” exists in mainland Europe, as well as North America, Greenland, etc… They make it sound like the species there is unique to Europe. I’m really hoping they get around to expanding more soon, because it’s a really good site, and if they expand to include more “arkive”d then they wouldn’t have that problem.




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