Anime’s Fall Season looming on the Horizon

26 09 2008

Now that we know the next knk’s gonna be released on April 26th, there’s gotta be some stuff to keep us going for that long.

And that’s where the Fall season comes in, with many notables out there such as sequals to popular ones like Clannad, Nodame Cantabile, Vampire Knight, Ef -a tale:, Jigoku Shoujo, coming up, I’d like to voice what I think will be the best to look forward to.

Starting with October First (1):

The time of Eve, or “Eve no Jikan” will be making its ONA 2nd episode web debut. I’d catch a subs from pireze again, if they decide to do it like they did with episode one. I was captivated, sure, but it’s kind of horrible to have to wait 2 months before they release the next.

Then within the first week of October, pretty much everything will be released. I’ve looked into:

  • Kurogane no Linebarrel (Metal of the linebarrel) Mecha
  • 2nd Season of Gundam 00 (I may or may not watch depending on first impressions)
  • Ef -a tale of melodies
  • Hyakko, will be the random one I picked to do the seasonal thing where I watch the opening and then decide whether or not to watch it.
  • Last but not least…. I can’t present the name of the last one, mainly because of this Otaku complex which I am in the process of studying. But I can embed the preview video, just to show how awesome it is. (Yeah, it might’ve said the name within the video)….

Sky Crawlers licensed for North America

20 09 2008

Sony Pictures of America has seemed to have licensed Mamoru Oiishi’s “Sky Crawlers”. (As you may know, Mamoru Oiishi did Ghost in the Shell)

It hit big and is coming out with a game for the Wii in Japan. Just hope the voice acting isn’t as inconvincing as in Paprika (another movie that they licensed by Satoshi Kon).

Seems to be about War and Aerial Combat. It looks good. I’ll be catching it, once it gets released.

Danny Choo

15 09 2008

This CNN report explains Danny Choo in the best sense. Even though you can’t really be otaku and not know about him, the question would be how much did you know about him?

I myself, knew that he was from England or whatever, and was associated with the Good Smile Company (being into figurines) and had his own website, and was really handy with web designing. But I didn’t know half of the other stuff mentioned in the CNN report.

You can access his blog through my blogroll, be sure to visit itechportal too!!!!! Because I’m actually affiliated with itech, but not Danny Choo T_T.

Also I only buy from Good Smile Company, so you can see how much influence that he has had.

0_o TMoHS appears in Canadian Tylenol Commercial

14 09 2008