Danny Choo

15 09 2008

This CNN report explains Danny Choo in the best sense. Even though you can’t really be otaku and not know about him, the question would be how much did you know about him?

I myself, knew that he was from England or whatever, and was associated with the Good Smile Company (being into figurines) and had his own website, and was really handy with web designing. But I didn’t know half of the other stuff mentioned in the CNN report.

You can access his blog through my blogroll, be sure to visit itechportal too!!!!! Because I’m actually affiliated with itech, but not Danny Choo T_T.

Also I only buy from Good Smile Company, so you can see how much influence that he has had.




2 responses

16 09 2008

Woa, Danny Choo… I would refer to him more as a “cool” then a “geek” as this CNN lady repeatedly describes him as… talented person.

17 09 2008

Well.. as you can see, the significance of this is that I’ve never really seen any otaku being profiled on TV, or I mean CNN, yet actually both. But I’ve actually never seen a CNN profile either…. Anyways yeah, he’s pretty cool. The PVC figurine I ordered (my first one ever) coming this November was featured in a post on his site… His site which has it all, it connects millions of Otakus, and/or anime fans across the globe. Anyhow, it’s up there along with Myanimelist and Anime News Network. At least for me.

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