f|s n manga -> school library

18 10 2008

Fate_stay night manga cover

I thought it would be quite amusing to donate my copy of the Fate|Stay Night Manga that I got upon its release on Full-moon Tuesday of October 14th to my school library’s Manga section (Also known as the graphics novel section), my doing this I hope to encourage more enthusiasm out of the realm of generic Shoujo Beat and Shounen Jump manga such as skip beat, bleach, naruto, and err DN Angel? Anyways the point is that my school has some pretty lame manga. So, I’ve just started watching the anime. The anime is missing the animated vibrance of later works and such, but I WAS watching this on a low contrast portable, I hope I can fix this by watching on the TV. Anyways, the anime is alot more elaborate, but it takes longer to cover more ground, unlike the manga which breezes past 4 episodes in… 1 volume. From an economic standpoint, let us compare this to the Anime. The Anime for 24 episodes costs 45$ if you meticulously buy, frugally. However, if one decides to go for the manga, it should be able to cover it in 6 volumes from what I understand so far, but I’ve also heard that there is 30 chapters.. 30; 24; I don’t see a correlation here, but for 6 manga it would cost 60.




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