Tuesday November 25th

25 11 2008

Valkyria Chronicles... one of my lost grounds. Slevaria Bles was awesome btw.Valkyria Chronicles… one of my lost grounds. Slevaria Bles was awesome btw.

The Good.

  • My Parents are going to Thailand!!!
  • I’ve gotten them to agree to visit Pirom Plaza in Mahadchai road for the purpose of going to Hobby Hour to pick up some PVC figurines, a wall calendar, and a Nendroid, and buy them for me. LUCKY!
  • December 17-18 is going to be awesome!  And for the 20th, I will humiliate my friend by playing as a girly character whose special move is to pin the enemy down and clear slap across the fast 15 times. The animation is HILARIOUS!

The Ugly.

  • I’m going to be frakking home alone for a month. Somebody save me. Dareka tasukete T_T. What if I wake up late? I’ll have to walk, or ride the bus to school. I need to frakking pay bills too.

The Bad.

  • The fate|Stay night graphic novel which I donated to my school library has never appeared on the self… I’m serious, I’ve checked it every day. It’s just not there. I’ve also checked the database a couple of times, to find it not there either. Was it the librarian’s fault? Have they confiscated a rated T+ material when the presence of pure nudity of the female breast of my beloved Rei Ayanami was present in the form of Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 3? I have no idea. If it was lost I shall laugh it off.
  • I was amazed to learn of another person in my school who is also anxiously awaiting persona 4. Has heshe played P3FES? Pre-ordered Persona 4 for the art-book and soundtrack that comes with it? Not feeling awkwardness due to the male oriented dating-sim feel? These I do not know.

Learned: I don’t take psychology, but I get a sort of stressed feeling, when I found out that someone else possibly plays/played Persona 3 (I haven’t even finished “The Journey” part of FES yet… And so stress from situations like this accumulate from many times, since this isn’t the first time it has happened. I’m not good with words, but it seems that when a person such as me, I’m not sure of the circumstances that those may imply, begins to dig in to a certain niche that no one else is aware of. He seeks to share those experience. However, it is the need to be a medium that is the cause, when other people delve into the niche for themselves, be it… the Persona series, Fate|Stay night, or whatever, they are no longer a medium, and slowly start to lose interest in the said object. This does not happen over great distances of course, for I have realized that people of great distances posting online do not activate this stress. The stress is only realized when someone close to the person, perhaps even in daily contact, although that be not the case, would do the delving and relieve the person in question of his medium duties, this causing the person to feel: left out; not needed; not special; reserved, and keeping to self, or introverted. But in order to preserve the duty, the sense of being. The power to live on, the person tries to find a more permanent niche, which in my case is KnK. This niche of mine has not yet been touched by those around me. I try my very hardest in order to keep this from being dirtied, scarred, kept top secret, for some of my friends read this blog, and I do not want them to know.

^The above pretty much expresses the anxiety that I’m feeling right now. I’ll try not to lose interest in Persona 3/4 though, because since I go with the Undubbed/Original Japanese voice acting, I have a claim, and with this, I can feel good about myself and not submit to this anxiety that’s caused by the feeling of not being unique. The processed under learned in the above has happened to many things, let me just list a few of them.

  1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [TMoHS]
  2. Code Geass [CG]
  3. Senjou no Valkyria [Valkyria Chronicles]
  4. Fate|Stay Night [FSN] (This is popular so I don’t really mind)
  5. Tohou Project (the person who learned of it wasn’t as into it as I was, I’m more of an advocate for the fan stuffs more than the original game, although I do enjoy the occasional “Shoot the Bullet”.
  6. Okami
  7. Arcana Heart (Seen others play it at Pax, I thought I was the only one, but the azn guy dressed up as a dark mage seemed pretty cool)
  8. Melty Blood [MBAC] (Guy at sakuracon dressed up at Tohno Shiki w/o Neco-arc doll strapped on to his cos… nice, I was dressed up as Riesbyfe Stridberg) Anyways, this was awesome, and I didn’t really mind. I wish I got his e-mail or something though, since I really wanted to play him.

I’ll add onto that list if I think of anymore.

I guess…. Ignorance is bliss... just like what my Thai name translates to in Sanskrit…. BLiss…


Valkyria Chronicles Game to Get TV Anime Next Spring

14 11 2008



IT DESERVES AN ANIME! I’m not kidding, even though I don’t have the game (It’s out now for the Playstation 2), judging from the gameplay trailers and the tutorial videos, and from the demo that I saw and played at PAX, Valkyria Chronicles, In my Humble Opinion, is the greatest game ever. It uses this clever thing called the “BLiTZ” ( Battle of Live Tactical Zones) -wiki, and the “Canvas” graphics engine (Basically Watercolor + Anime; it looks awesome; ) -PAX Pamplet. From the trailers I’ve seen the story line looks considerably good, it’s what you’d expect in an anime.

Basically BLiTZ is, is its a clever blend of Third-person shooter, Turn-based Strategy, RPG, and Real-time strategy. It leans towards the strategy portion, though, since you can’t really expect a first person shooter from just a “aim at the head and shoot” sorta thing. Here’s a (couple) screenshots [Taken from the Military Training II from the official Japanese Website for the game]:

There’s 6 classes (excluding the tank): Scout, Infantry, Anti-tank, Engineer, Sniper, and Shocktrooper (Assault/Front-line Infantry). You start out with a certain number of command points, in a turn, you pick a character and then manuever him/her around (uses up bar) and then take a shot, heal, or repair (engies only). Most missions consist of capturing command points and stuff, and it’s all tactical, a great relief from the normal gears of war, or the call of duty games that are getting old. Each of the characters have a distinct personality, which really adds to the game’s sense, you’re not commanding generic faceless troopers, that’s the enemy’s job. One of the main ones I’ve grown to like is an engineer named Herbert, who’s always flexing his arm sockets, and complaining that he’s tired. Although the scene where you call in the medic (and she runs in) automatically gets kinda annoying, even though she says different stuff each time.


Herbert: “Hey medic… you’ll help… right?”

Medic: “I’m on my way, hang in there!”


Herbert: “Maybe I should get a medic in here…”

Medic: “You’ll be alright, that’s a promise!”

Marina Inoue did the voice for Alicia in the Japanese version, If she would do her voice for the Anime, then I’m all eyes (and ears) for it.

Oh and for the anime, whaddaya know, Aniplex has it covered. AWESOME!
Anyways, look forward to the Spring season. I really…. really… want a PS3, now, just for one game… THAT.

Persona 4 Trailer (AtlusUSA)

9 11 2008

Gamespot calls it “the last great JRPG franchise”, but I’m like “What about Valkyria Chronicles?” Ok, well I wasn’t really, I just know Valkyria is going to be good, but don’t really have a PS3. Anyways I’ll be getting it, once it comes out… scratch that, after I finish Persona 3 FES. We actually get to see what’s on the media in this one (from the looks of it)

Blog Popularity Assessment Two

9 11 2008

We’re obviously talking Guilty Gear here.

I guess I’m also interested in what character your main is? This Dizzy thing is just for common ground.

And here's Dizzy.... As a Loli

And here

Blog Popularity Assessment: Part One

9 11 2008

^Poll theme “Manga”…. Interesting….

Taken off some Central shopping complex in Bangkok

Taken off some Central shopping complex in Bangkok

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing photograph I’ve taken with the Nikon Coolpix 5200 Digital Point and Shoot Camera, which I am to inherit*, during my entire trip to Thailand.

It’s alot taller than some alot of local shopping complexes here in the states, but that said… Even in Thailand, alot of people drive SUVs, it’s just alot less than here, in terms of Ratio.

Yentafo the noodle dish to try

Yentafo the noodle dish to try

Yentafo in Thailand can’t be matched here… I’ve tried American-made Yentafo, and only 1-2 restaurants have ever cut it to be even close.

I’d recommend trying that and crickets. Crickets that are fried and perfectly seasoned of course. Insects are a delicacy. Oh, and feel free to be a “wuss” and remove any parts that you don’t want to eat, since that’s what I did… Just a feel for the taste, then you can decide whether you want to eat the pointy stuff, or the googly eyes, later.

*Nikon Coolpix 5200 Point and Shoot 5.1 MP camera is a camera purchased around 2004. But my parents are gonna get this new 8MP Camera presumably with a much larger screen and made by Panasonic. Before this, I never even knew that Panasonic even made Cameras! So, I just googled it and apparently they have a line of Cameras called “Lumix” that can be bought at Amazon.com. With the camera under my jurisdiction, I’ll probably be photo blogging a lot more, so look forward to it! BTW, Panasonic is a good brand that makes good products, to me, they are like the Nestle of the electronics world, and for me, Nestle Brand is a brand of quality…

**disclaimer, I didn’t actually recently go, this is just to make up for when I went, but didn’t have a blog.

Thursday November 6th

6 11 2008

I tried to hold off posts about PVC figurines, at least until my garan no dou figurine comes, but the ones today, that I saw on dannychoo.com… well they were just that great, so instead of giving blogging about it, I’ll just give the link and be off…

ToLove-Ru Golden Darkness

TMoHS “Alter” Yuki Nagato

Both figures are by the one and only Good Smile Company.

BREAKING NEWS: This just in! Friend sent Travis a TMoHS Motivational Poster. Makes (pseudo)headlines on Blog. Sources say that he got it from Crunchyroll forums.

Our True God

As my wireless mouse slowly dies…

3 11 2008

I found time to blog! Anyways, my wireless mouse is dying, and other than that circumstances, such as a lack of homework and my reluctance to diligently study for tests, caused me to blog. Read the rest of this entry »