As my wireless mouse slowly dies…

3 11 2008

I found time to blog! Anyways, my wireless mouse is dying, and other than that circumstances, such as a lack of homework and my reluctance to diligently study for tests, caused me to blog.

School today, was fairly annoying, I felt depressed most of the day, mainly because my French skit was mediocre, my teacher beat me down, when it was my turn to comment. I understood the text, but I had trouble explaining it? or did I not really understand it? Anyways that’s all behind me now. In Environmental Sciences, we watched “Cane Toads; an unnatural history” was fairly humorous, but at the near end, I recalled that the queensland crow figured out a way to flip over the toad and avoid its poisonous backside by piercing the soft underbelly near the throat, which I tried to find a footage of on youtube, but only came up with articles on blogs and newsites, and not even a decent photograph, except one on flicker where the crow’s meal was already decaying. Anyways, I was glad the comment was worth something, at least for me (MORALE BOOST!).

Yesterday, my friend and I were gonna put on different personas today, and I even went through the trouble of making short phrases and line starters (forming periodic sentences). But I tossed that away late night yesterday, now I’m reinstating it. May use tommorrow?

I was thinking about my website this morning and how I completely failed to update it eversince the week before my birthday. Of course, rest assured, I’ll need to update the misc. portion (school project for Environmental Science), but I was also thinking of the blog, and how I wanted to sort of make a theme for that, but never really got around to it. Hopefully I’ll have more time to spare when the 3 day weekends start popping up (any day now).

Also, Perfume’s next single “Dream Fighter” will be out on the 19th. My Wall Calender should be out right now in Japan, or actually all 2008 wall calenders (anime) should be out by now… in Japan. Valkyria Chronicles, should be out in around 2 weeks, My Garan no Dou PVC figurine should be out this month, and finally, Persona 4 should be out exactly a month from Valkyria (~6-7 weeks), but I still need to finish Persona 3 FES first…. KnK4 on the 17th, docking at around the same time, and since Takajun of the mirrormoon subtitles crazy fast, then it should be done the 20th, if not before. But the problem is….. I don’t necessarily have anything to look forward to after that.

Also, since none of my friends, and this probably includes you, regardless of your social relationship with me… are going to be playing it anytime soon, Here’s the Persona 4 OP Official Announcement Trailer:

Ah yes… as the outlook goes… probably going to be the last great game that’s to be released for the playstation (at least in the US).

This weekend, I watched ToLove-Ru (regard the homecoming post), and it’s going great! I bumped it up to a 10/10 rating in my sidebar->), great hopes for a second season! (there’s gotta be, since the manga is outpacing (I think).

*Have you ever thought about joining a fansub group? Ayu fansubs is burning out I was considering studying intensively about Encoding or Typesetting, but I can’t guarantee that every day is gonna be like today (no homework) and that I have much experience, all I’ve done before is plugging stuff into AVSynth, or VirtualDub, and without wikipedia I wouldn’t even know what programs are used to typeset.

*Shoot…. Chapter 8 Reading Notes… Cya!




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