Blog Popularity Assessment: Part One

9 11 2008

^Poll theme “Manga”…. Interesting….

Taken off some Central shopping complex in Bangkok

Taken off some Central shopping complex in Bangkok

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing photograph I’ve taken with the Nikon Coolpix 5200 Digital Point and Shoot Camera, which I am to inherit*, during my entire trip to Thailand.

It’s alot taller than some alot of local shopping complexes here in the states, but that said… Even in Thailand, alot of people drive SUVs, it’s just alot less than here, in terms of Ratio.

Yentafo the noodle dish to try

Yentafo the noodle dish to try

Yentafo in Thailand can’t be matched here… I’ve tried American-made Yentafo, and only 1-2 restaurants have ever cut it to be even close.

I’d recommend trying that and crickets. Crickets that are fried and perfectly seasoned of course. Insects are a delicacy. Oh, and feel free to be a “wuss” and remove any parts that you don’t want to eat, since that’s what I did… Just a feel for the taste, then you can decide whether you want to eat the pointy stuff, or the googly eyes, later.

*Nikon Coolpix 5200 Point and Shoot 5.1 MP camera is a camera purchased around 2004. But my parents are gonna get this new 8MP Camera presumably with a much larger screen and made by Panasonic. Before this, I never even knew that Panasonic even made Cameras! So, I just googled it and apparently they have a line of Cameras called “Lumix” that can be bought at With the camera under my jurisdiction, I’ll probably be photo blogging a lot more, so look forward to it! BTW, Panasonic is a good brand that makes good products, to me, they are like the Nestle of the electronics world, and for me, Nestle Brand is a brand of quality…

**disclaimer, I didn’t actually recently go, this is just to make up for when I went, but didn’t have a blog.




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