PVC figurine arrived!

4 12 2008

I’ve gotten my first ever PVC figurine today. It felt, great, and it looks better than I anticipated.

Here are some pictures of the packaging (eventually), and the pictures of the actual thing (along with me) taken using the cloudbook webcam.


Picture 004

Picture 007


Package pictures taken, but will take too long for me to post. Time to go to bed for now. So happy :3!

P.S.>It also has a sort of PVC version of a “new car smell”. Lol, I guess that’s why they keep coming back for more. Anyways, it’s awesome, great thing to have. I think it’s definitely worth the $80 price tag. The build quality itself is ike, just, wow….




2 responses

5 12 2008

Unfortunately though, for people who might want to be picky, the facial expression is off from the original sample, leading to lots of disappointment among fans of the figure. Still, if you like it, that is all that matters. Congratulations on joining the dark side.

5 12 2008

Thanks, and thanks for pointing that out. I knew something felt off, just didn’t quite know what exactly. But for me, the slight frown just works a bit better, in my perception. But might just be me, I hope those fans weren’t too dissappointed how.

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