December 20th; it’s my friend’s birthday today!

20 12 2008

So basically, Fate|Unlimited Codes came out. It’s awesome, but some of the characters share some parallels with Melty BLooD characters, which can be sort of annoying if you catch my drift.

A week or so ago, I went to Uwajimiya, and there was a pastry labeled “kokutou” it was like a brown sugar wheat cake or something and I thought I would save it for watching garan no dou this weekend…. as in probably today.

Oh, and I finished an anime series; something that I haven’t in a very long time.


I built a snowman two days ago, but yesterday, I went there to check if it was still there, and it wasn’t…. kinda weird huh? I got the idea that rolling up a snowball to make a snowman would be fun from that Episode of Aria the Natural, where Alicia and ….. the main character… Akari rolled a snowball through a town, and everyone wanted to help out with the snowball as it got bigger.

But either I didn’t get it big enough, or it just doesn’t work like that, but in any case, it’s labor that’s pretty hard on the back after a while, perhaps get a friend. But it was fun though, sort of like katamari damancy, without a time limit, and the ability to pick out wacky stuffs.

Also, for my AP Environmental Sciences program, I’m gonna cheat, and put in that article where he ate whale and said that “Scientific whaling is delicious”.




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