Tetsuwan Birdy Decode D err 02?: Back in Action

28 01 2009
Sci-fi phaser/disruptor rifle packs an unusually violent punch.

Sci-fi phaser/disruptor rifle packs an unusually violent punch.

I don’t really remember Birdy being that splatter, but the first episode of the new season is. Unlike some anime’s second seasons, it retains much of the feel from the first season, probably due to the fact that they didn’t put it off for a year or so before continuing on. So it’s both fresh in our minds as well as the scriptwriter’s. Read the rest of this entry »


Migration Planned

24 01 2009

I’m planning on setting up a new blog at blog.traversiancomlog.com, trying to be pro and design my own layout on CSS at the very same time, but unfortunately, I don’t know much PHP, so it’ll be a first time for everything.

No Longer certain if Del Rey manga is to Publish .Rakkyo

7 01 2009


This page, according to the wiki, is supposed to state that Del Rey Manga has licensed rakkyo to be published in America, however, it can no longer be accessed. Also, I couldn’t confirm the plans on their official website, although Maid Machinegun looks pretty interesting…

Sora o ….. Munto…

1 01 2009

What seems to have happened after Kyoto Animation was rumored to be making 801-chan anime, and after lucky star alot of big-name figures left and did Kannagi, KyoAni decided it was time to make one of their earlier animes (before Air and Kanon 2006), the supposed trailer looked like the animation hasn’t been improves and not up to date, but it may have just been the original Munto trailer. Munto is the main character and is voiced by Ono Daisuke, but I haven’t read the synopsis thinking it would spoil it for me, since I do plan to watch it (haven’t seen the originals). Oh, and it’s called “Sora o Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai”.

And that’s it, their latest excuse to push Haruhi 2 until later on. It’s still TBA (To be announced).