My pet bird just died.

12 02 2009

His name was Neophilia, and he a long time inhabitant of his bird cage. It’s been handed down once already. However, I do not feel like I can stomach a third death. I’m calling bird rearing quits.

Neophilia was a Blue Parakeet nicknamed “Neo”
I’ll upload an image as soon as I can get on my dad’s laptop for where all the family photos are.

Not Exactly sure where I went wrong though. But I can take some guesses.
1. Expensive bird food everywhere, fred meyer had a sale on one that was already cheap but it was all sold out. So didn’t buy.
2. Fed bird pellet food that was about as old as he was, but he couldn’t eat alot of it in one sitting.
3. Hadn’t cleaned cage for around three weeks.

Errg, I feel so bad. Anyways, I was glad that I came home in time to witness his seemingly insensitive to pain death, since he looked pretty much numb. But I also cringe at the fact that last night, I could’ve saved him when he acted all Hikkikomori (huddled up to the corner of the cage and just sate there).




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