I was just finishing up Towards the Terra, and it’s last episode glory and…

9 04 2009

Bam, SAT scores arrived. So I went from a particular hope for mankind sort of euphoria, towards a more stressful sense of despair. I didn’t do too badly, scored only around 1800, a bit higher, only enough to complete fairly in the University of Washington, of which I am happy about.

As for Towards the Terra, I highly recommend buying the DVD’s (or borrow them from me if ya want), they’re 20 dollars a part from third-party resellers down at Amazon.com. 2 DVDs (8 eps) a part, and 3 parts, totaling to 24 episodes, in the end I was tricked into buying what’s basically a box-set anyways. 2.0 Stereo Japanese only with Subtitles and no English dubs. Is it worth buying? I’ll leave that up for you to decide, but it’s probably one of the best anime series they had in the last few years, even if it’s a remake from something from the 90s.