Thailand Summer 2009 part 1

13 07 2009

Looks like it’s gonna be a photoblog, this time.

Anyways, it doesn’t seem like I’m doing too many interesting things in Thailand besides eating.

Let’s talk about the anime stores. Manga is sold in small bookstores like Mangan (which had a school days poster along with two others for decoration), or the mini one in select 7-elevens. It seems that the sphere of influence here from Japan is pretty large, but only the mainstream stuff. In figure stores, there are mainly only gundam plastic models, star wars (from Japan), and Dragon ball Z figures (undoubtedly from China). Selection is good, because although the translation team doesn’t exactly seem to work “fast”, they pick up a wide range of manga and light novels to translate. In other words, better than in the States.

But, yeah, not doing much here. NEETing, I guess.




2 responses

13 07 2009

yum yum yum thanx Alot

31 03 2010

The bird is a very beautiful and playful bird which sings well. It is the Magpie Robin (Copsychus Saularis)


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