Reuters > CNN : A suddenly biased preference

3 03 2010

So, I just started getting into this news stuff. My household no longer has a cable subscription. I sometimes read or used to read CNN’s news via the cellphone, because access is provided free in T-mobile’s prepaid plan. Reuters (pronounced Roi-ters for some reason) is a company that mainly caters to businesses and professionals, but I’ve found their news program to my liking. It’s unbiased, refined, and doesn’t overwhelm its readers with multiple headlines in a small font that’s stacked up across the page.

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Ode to Best Friend(s)

3 03 2010

Good friends are hard to come by nowadays

Here’s an ode to best friends by listing a couple of catchy JPOP songs titled as such.

My Best Friend -Idolm@ster [feat. Yukiho]

Best Friend -Kana Nishino

Best Friend -Mizrock

Best Friend -Kiroro

I understand that BoA also has a song in Japanese called “Best Friend” as well, but the youtube doesn’t seem to have a PV, and the song itself, to me, isn’t all that catchy; feel free to look for it on your own time.