Reuters > CNN : A suddenly biased preference

3 03 2010

So, I just started getting into this news stuff. My household no longer has a cable subscription. I sometimes read or used to read CNN’s news via the cellphone, because access is provided free in T-mobile’s prepaid plan. Reuters (pronounced Roi-ters for some reason) is a company that mainly caters to businesses and professionals, but I’ve found their news program to my liking. It’s unbiased, refined, and doesn’t overwhelm its readers with multiple headlines in a small font that’s stacked up across the page.

Here the two reasons why I think CNN is becoming a little unprofessional, and the reason to which is allegedly why I was laid off from work at dairy queen: we try too hard. Also, many of the problems which stems from live broadcast of news keeps me from liking CNN’s television bit.

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Okay, so right off the bat, what they showed with Bad Apple PV, which spurred the stop motion version which is not “behind the scenes”.

  • Twitter, although a great alarm system sort of thing if you can back it up; great proof of trends and regular people’s opinions if there are enough tweets from non-spam sources to make it credible, isn’t exactly a reliable thing to use on the news, despite its merits.
  • Rick Sanchez has major “oops” moments.
  • Fact checking department needs to be expanded to cover all of its departments.
  • They broadcast live,  so some of their on-air moments are bound to have certain foul-ups.

So, I guess I’ve taken a break from televised news, even cut down on some of the instantaneous news on my mobile phone for reading books and stuff. For now, Reuters, the Daily Show, and occasionally twitter are my news sources for the time being. I’d like to think that I’m honing by literacy or at least skimming skills by quickly reading through news articles on Reuters or reading through multiple tweets. Somewhere, though, I think I’ve come to hate CNN, and although I tried to list legitimate reasons as to why in this blog post, I think petty grievances have led me to boycott CNN and laugh at them from afar when the daily show points out their mistakes from time to time.

[Off Topic]

And speaking of the daily show, I went to the archives and watched what I believe to be all of the segments with Ed Helms and man do I wish there were more. Ed helms just makes a spectacular daily show correspondent.




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