Twitter: some thoughts

16 07 2010

It’s been about a year since I’ve started using twitter, and according to tweetstats my tweets per month have increased a great since since.

I’ve tried to convince many people to use twitter, but what has resulted is that they either don’t, or they start an account follow ten people and tweet once and then leave. That’s right around when I *palm face*. 

I’m trying really hard right now not to start going into my character flaws and whether or not they’re the reason that I seem to default to twitter rather than other forms of socializing or communication (where are emails). On a completely related note, if I could get a carrier pigeon and train it the way that I want to, I would totally ditch all of that stuff.

Let’s get back to talking about why only 7% of people who know about twitter actually use it as opposed to 98% with facebook. The answer lies in the fact that I have no clue and can merely speculate. My speculation leads me to believe that since people are not required to sign up for twitter and not so with facebook, they are not chain-forced into using twitter by real life friends and corporate pressure. This makes twitter look highly volitional, and the normal web-user has no incentive to join and become a contributing member.

Sadly, I’m getting to the point where I get a larger number of spam-followers than usual. However, most of them unfollow me after a certain period of time either way, and so far I’ve never bothered to switch my profile into a private account.

Finally, I would like to offer a solution to the lack of people who join twitter who are not marketers or  spambots: Nothing. It’s perfect just the way it is. People have the chance to try it, they get to choose if they like it, and if they don’t, then it’s only 1 tweet and a 20 character-max name that they take up and their existence fades into the darkness or facebook, or a dark facebook… darkbook? ELDRICH TOME!

Twitter is fast-paced and reliant on timing. You’re bound to miss awesome tweets and TTs and most people are bound to miss your tweets, but it’s a worthy substitute for what happens on facebook, which is apathy. That’s at least how I’m responded to on facebook, so results may vary.

I say it’s a sign of a good marketer/company to start and actively use a twitter account. Unlike facebook, twitter personifies the company because it’s a person behind the page who represents the company. It’s also a decent amount of effort that they put to keep a small population as a tappable realm of potential customers.

P.S. if you’re into anime/otaku stuff, there are a great many on twitter, pretty much anyone with an anime icon or wallpaper on their page. Follow them, especially the ones with follows and followers in between 50 and 350 each, those people are usually the most sociable.




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