Extravagant Spending Averted

27 10 2010

Some people want to hop on board to the bandwagon of the new gadgets and gizmos of the modern cloud-computing lifestyle where life revolves around the internet and staying connected, possibly keeping entertained with digital libraries of books, video games, videos and apps.

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Dat Evangelion allusion in the movie: One Hour Photo

12 10 2010


It’s been 7 years or so now, since Neon Genesis Evangelion got referenced in the movie “One Hour Photo”. I only got around to watching it, today, so don’t judge.

Now I read somewhere that Robin Williams is an Evangelion fan (oh, also it says so in wikipedia), and I think that’s awesome, because that would make it so that it’s a cool guy who like a cool series, and that is awesome. But did he SUGGEST adding in this symbolism? There’s a 1 in 3 chance, which is pretty darn good.


As you can see, the one taken in this screen capture (all these screen caps  is of an action figure the EVA 05 thru 08 model. This puts us in a perspective, for those who have seen the Evangelion movie “Death & Rebirth”. After this point may be spoilers because I’ll be contemplating how the EVA 05 action figure might be a microcosm for the character… or rather the motivation of Sy, the photo guy, in the film. So, after the break: SPOILERS.

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