efficient use of free time

3 02 2011

no, not like using free time to do stuff like homework, or cleaning, or chores, but like free time to actually do leisurely things.

I’m so jealous of people who have either played all the good games in their childhood, or have the time to get caught up in playing and beating the newly released games.

I see myself as a casual gamer, and that’s alright, but there’s something about either my attention span or maybe my skills in the various types of games.

I recently became acquainted with a fellow gamer in one of my commutes. He owns a PSP and we both enjoy Japanese games. He plays fighters and rhythm games, but the thing is he’s actually good at them given the amount of time he puts into them. I enjoy them, but I don’t have the first thing I spend my block of free time on games. I wanna be good at games too…

I don’t know where the bulk of my free time goes, I’d be sitting down, not even in a state of meditation, but time just flies when it’s free time (or some sort of deadline).

But I guess there’s one thing I can count on. If I’m really hyped up for something, I can be sure that game will be something I actually go and beat (maybe).

Oh boy, this was really poorly written. Oh well.




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