Earth Hour 2011: Low Light photo shoot in my room

26 03 2011

I took out some artificial lights that I never use and my digital camera a GE X5 pro micro bridge camera.

How exactly do you do Low Light Shooting?

There are 2 main ways

  • The Automatic: Nighttime Scene mode setting
  • The Manual: pump the ISO up and above 1o00

Here are my findings:

  1. Always use a tripod – You need a tripod, since the system will compensate by slowing the shutter speed down until it takes like 5 seconds to take the photo. At that point any movement will compromise the exposure.
  2. Auto Focus assist beam is crucial if your camera cannot autofocus. If manual focusing, then you’ll most likely need and external light source before you enter low-light mode
  3. Unless you’re desperate or want to alter the lighting for affect and don’t have the cash to buy fancy lighting equipment, then there’s almost no reason to go into low-light shooting. Personally though, I hate flash (not adobe’s flash but camera flash).I’d rather increase the ISO number when I can.
  4. Zoom doesn’t work well at low-light mode, so keep everything zoomed out.
  5. If you’re close then try to keep the aperture low, though 3.0 – 3.2 may not always be possible.
  6. I was playing around with a light source when a linear purple light appeared. Do not try to do anything cool with this, for the line of light does not appear in the picture.

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Photo gallery after the break:

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Anime Secret Santa 2010: Bamboo Blade

23 12 2010

I would like to give a shout out to reverse thieves for this opportunity and fnsna (from twitter) for going through with this on his end. This is my first time participating in Anime Secret Santa. Right off the bat, I’d like to mention that I’m technically not an anime-blogger, I’m just a guy who happens to have an anime blog tucked into the corner of the internet somewhere. That said, let’s begin. Just… please don’t expect much.

What I had expected Bamboo Blade to be about was an all high school girls kendo club, and essentially only kendo matches. The only thing that I knew for certain is the ED song “Star Rise” is awesome. Oh look, here it is right now!

I’m convinced you can find a great synopsis elsewhere, so I won’t be providing one. Personally, I try not to look at them when I go into a series.

Things this anime does well include:

  • Animation changes to the sillier kind for comedic effect.
  • Catchy ending song.
  • Wide variety of characters, definitely more relatable than K-on!
  • Not bad humor. Humor that pretty much dies out near the end.
  • Fun facts thrown in, more so than the average series.
  • Plot comes together nicely.
  • Nice handling of the soundtrack to manipulate the atmosphere for comedy as well as melodrama.
  • It begun and ended on a note that was welcoming and friendly to people who aren’t familiar with kendo.
  • Tokusatsu/Anime in the anime as a sort of microcosm.

Good to know:

  • It teaches a bit about kendo, not as much as one may expect, but it’s easy to understand by watching the process.
  • It had elements of a hero’s journey/coming of age story, but since there’s no “main character”, the anime couldn’t follow through with that. Instead, the anime tried an approach where everyone got something different out of their experiences in the kendo club.

Overall, I think the anime appeals to all audiences. Normally, I find series that revolve themselves around sports and music to be unaccommodating. Especially because I’m very much removed from those circles. Bamboo Blade, however, was able to present itself in a more universal fashion.

This is possibly due to that “coming of age” and “hero” cycles that one guy who taught my senior English class kept on talking about. Coming of age stories are present in many famous myths of yore, and span until some of the more recent Hollywood blockbusters. Bamboo Blade grounded itself in this. Kendo and and kendo club were just vehicles that made the backdrop for the plot, not the driving force behind it.

For the most part, the Coming of Age archetypes are true for the “main character Tamaki, whereas with the other characters it’s just plain character development (possibly a more subtle coming of age).

Anyways, if you’re here just for the recommendation, then yes it’s worth the watch. For me, it sets the standard for any sports(ish) anime (don’t think I’ve truly watched one before). Also, I heard the manga’s good. Didn’t sample the dub, but the original CV’s were great.

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Tetsuwan Birdy Decode D err 02?: Back in Action

28 01 2009
Sci-fi phaser/disruptor rifle packs an unusually violent punch.

Sci-fi phaser/disruptor rifle packs an unusually violent punch.

I don’t really remember Birdy being that splatter, but the first episode of the new season is. Unlike some anime’s second seasons, it retains much of the feel from the first season, probably due to the fact that they didn’t put it off for a year or so before continuing on. So it’s both fresh in our minds as well as the scriptwriter’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Valkyria Chronicles Game to Get TV Anime Next Spring

14 11 2008


IT DESERVES AN ANIME! I’m not kidding, even though I don’t have the game (It’s out now for the Playstation 2), judging from the gameplay trailers and the tutorial videos, and from the demo that I saw and played at PAX, Valkyria Chronicles, In my Humble Opinion, is the greatest game ever. It uses this clever thing called the “BLiTZ” ( Battle of Live Tactical Zones) -wiki, and the “Canvas” graphics engine (Basically Watercolor + Anime; it looks awesome; ) -PAX Pamplet. From the trailers I’ve seen the story line looks considerably good, it’s what you’d expect in an anime.

Basically BLiTZ is, is its a clever blend of Third-person shooter, Turn-based Strategy, RPG, and Real-time strategy. It leans towards the strategy portion, though, since you can’t really expect a first person shooter from just a “aim at the head and shoot” sorta thing. Here’s a (couple) screenshots [Taken from the Military Training II from the official Japanese Website for the game]:

There’s 6 classes (excluding the tank): Scout, Infantry, Anti-tank, Engineer, Sniper, and Shocktrooper (Assault/Front-line Infantry). You start out with a certain number of command points, in a turn, you pick a character and then manuever him/her around (uses up bar) and then take a shot, heal, or repair (engies only). Most missions consist of capturing command points and stuff, and it’s all tactical, a great relief from the normal gears of war, or the call of duty games that are getting old. Each of the characters have a distinct personality, which really adds to the game’s sense, you’re not commanding generic faceless troopers, that’s the enemy’s job. One of the main ones I’ve grown to like is an engineer named Herbert, who’s always flexing his arm sockets, and complaining that he’s tired. Although the scene where you call in the medic (and she runs in) automatically gets kinda annoying, even though she says different stuff each time.


Herbert: “Hey medic… you’ll help… right?”

Medic: “I’m on my way, hang in there!”


Herbert: “Maybe I should get a medic in here…”

Medic: “You’ll be alright, that’s a promise!”

Marina Inoue did the voice for Alicia in the Japanese version, If she would do her voice for the Anime, then I’m all eyes (and ears) for it.

Oh and for the anime, whaddaya know, Aniplex has it covered. AWESOME!
Anyways, look forward to the Spring season. I really…. really… want a PS3, now, just for one game… THAT.

As my wireless mouse slowly dies…

3 11 2008

I found time to blog! Anyways, my wireless mouse is dying, and other than that circumstances, such as a lack of homework and my reluctance to diligently study for tests, caused me to blog. Read the rest of this entry »


4 10 2008

I can’t say much about it at this point, since I don’t look up synopsis anymore.

But it seems that Hyakko’s gonna have Hirano Aya doing voice acting for one of the characters.

The PV on the other hand…. tells me pretty much nothing about the series. But since the animation label looks good, and the fact that Static-subs is going to be one of the fansubs, then hey, it might not be so bad.

Sky Crawlers licensed for North America

20 09 2008

Sony Pictures of America has seemed to have licensed Mamoru Oiishi’s “Sky Crawlers”. (As you may know, Mamoru Oiishi did Ghost in the Shell)

It hit big and is coming out with a game for the Wii in Japan. Just hope the voice acting isn’t as inconvincing as in Paprika (another movie that they licensed by Satoshi Kon).

Seems to be about War and Aerial Combat. It looks good. I’ll be catching it, once it gets released.