Earth Hour 2011: Low Light photo shoot in my room

26 03 2011

I took out some artificial lights that I never use and my digital camera a GE X5 pro micro bridge camera.

How exactly do you do Low Light Shooting?

There are 2 main ways

  • The Automatic: Nighttime Scene mode setting
  • The Manual: pump the ISO up and above 1o00

Here are my findings:

  1. Always use a tripod – You need a tripod, since the system will compensate by slowing the shutter speed down until it takes like 5 seconds to take the photo. At that point any movement will compromise the exposure.
  2. Auto Focus assist beam is crucial if your camera cannot autofocus. If manual focusing, then you’ll most likely need and external light source before you enter low-light mode
  3. Unless you’re desperate or want to alter the lighting for affect and don’t have the cash to buy fancy lighting equipment, then there’s almost no reason to go into low-light shooting. Personally though, I hate flash (not adobe’s flash but camera flash).I’d rather increase the ISO number when I can.
  4. Zoom doesn’t work well at low-light mode, so keep everything zoomed out.
  5. If you’re close then try to keep the aperture low, though 3.0 – 3.2 may not always be possible.
  6. I was playing around with a light source when a linear purple light appeared. Do not try to do anything cool with this, for the line of light does not appear in the picture.

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Photo gallery after the break:

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