My Desktops

I happened to see this on someone else’s blog and I just thought it was cool.

Let’s start with my EeePC: Travers-Eee


Resolution is 800×480.

Desktop: “Konata Bliss” [800×600] from some place, placed in tile.

Screen Saver: Blank

Media Player: Formerly “Sound Player Lilith w/ Nagato Skin”, now ‘see Comp-Traversy’ skinned Winamp scaled to 75%.

Silver theme – seeking to change by uxtheme patching, and not Style XP

Also – I’m about to add rocket dock. With the new rocket dock modifications, it looks a little bit (exactly) like this.


As for my main computer “Comp-Traversy”:

my desktop(comp-traversy)

“Jade” Theme



Media Player: Winamp with Hatsune Miku skin available at

Rainmeter: (browsable for skin only, if you want the actual program get the legacy one using google.) You can also get some of the freeform winamp 5 and Sound Player Lilith skins there.

Thanks to my Chaintech’s Nvidia 6200A(OC), I use the nview’s taskbar transparencies to make the taskbar all see-through (at least when they’re no video overlay present, in which it turns off).


2 responses

20 01 2009
nagato x hatsune

hey were do you found that of nagato yuki and hatsune miku!!?? please say me to download that =D please! D=

20 01 2009

There’s a link to the Winamp skin for Hatsune miku on the screen.
But to get the Nagato one running, you need Rainmeter; the latest ver is 0.14 for some reason. Also, the author phases out themes, but you can get the Nagato Rainmeter from my site through only copy and paste, my server has this unresolved error with linking .zip.

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