Beard Papa’s and their cream puff legacy

8 04 2008

As some of you (very little of you) may have already heard… The expanding pastry franchise known as “beard papa’s” has plans to expand to my near my area (Seattle). Read the rest of this entry »


Yakitate!! Japan Rice-cooker pan (Ja-Pan) No.2

12 02 2008

Yeah, I tried making one of these one time.But the instructions were in Japanese in the anime so, it came out kinda bad. But this this the conversions into the american standard, which makes it easier for those of us with U.S. Standard cooking equipment.

Embedded video after the break Read the rest of this entry »

Happy…. By DTAC

7 02 2008

yeah, that’s a Thai Joke, and you probably don’t and or won’t understand it.

But the thing is…. the reason behind this insane happiness of mine is…. Read the rest of this entry »